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El Pueblo Viejo Design Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to assist the public in the Historic Landmarks Commissions review process by clarifying the design criteria and procedures for El Pueblo Viejo Landmark District. These guidelines will be the basis for decisions of the Historic Landmarks Commission. They are intended for use by architects, designers, property owners, tenants, residents, government agencies, and the general public, to help comply with City of Santa Barbara Charter, and Municipal Code Chapter 22.22, the historic structures ordinance.

Procedures for Historic Landmarks Commission meetings are set forth in a separate document, approved by the Commission and City Council, entitled "Historic Landmarks Commission Rules and Procedures."

EPV Guidelines (11.05 MB)
EPV Suggested Plants List (53 KB)

EPV Galleries

The EPV Galleries are sets of images grouped by design elements, such as arcades and loggias, arches and lintels, awnings, balconies, and many more. Each image is provided as a representative example of a specific type of element.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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