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The documents on this page are updated from time to time without notice.  Please compare any documents you have saved with the currently posted documents to confirm that you are using the most current version.

Our handouts are divided into the following sections:  1) Electronic Cover Sheets, 2) General Handouts, 3) Design Review Handouts, 4) Modification and Performance Standard Permits, 5) Planning Commission and Staff Hearing Officer, 6) Sign Committee Handouts, 7) Tree and Landscaping Information, 8) View Dispute Information, and 9) Ordinance Handouts and Links.  Please click on a preceding link or scroll down to the desired section.

Note: Title 28 Zoning Ordinance is effective in the Coastal Zone. Title 30 is effective outside of the Coastal Zone. Applicability of Title 30 within the Coastal Zone will follow certification by the California Coastal Commission.

ELECTRONIC COVER SHEETS - updated 04-21-2020

Planning Electronic Submittal Cover Sheet
Master Application
Owner/Agent Authorization Form
Architectural Board of Review (ABR) Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Architectural Board of Review (ABR) Plan Substitution Cover Sheet
Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) Plan Substitution Cover Sheet
Single Family Design Board (SFDB) Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Single Family Design Board (SFDB) Plan Substitution Cover Sheet
Sign Committee (SC) Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Planning Commission & Staff Hearing Officer Submittal Cover Sheet
Pre-Application Cover Sheet
Archaeological and Historic Letter Reports Submittal Cover Sheet
Archaeological and Historic Reports Submittal Cover Sheet


Administrative Review of Minor Exceptions for Fences and Hedges
Appeal Process
Applicant Procedures for Remote Public Hearings - updated 05-22-2020
Coastal Exclusion Submittal Packet
Coastal Exemption - Temporary Events ONLY Submittal Packet
Coastal Exemption Submittal Packet
Consent to Grant a Fence and Hedge Exception Form
Fees for Planning effective 2019-08-18 - updated 08-16-2019
Housing Development Project Preliminary Application - effective 01-01-2020
Master Application
Minor Zoning Exceptions Submittal Requirements
Noticing & Posting Affidavit
Electronic Plans Submittal Affidavit - updated 10-15-2019 
Noticing Distance Requirements
On-Site Notice Posting Instructions
Owner/Agent Authorization Form
Parking Lot Repaving-Restriping Submittal Requirements
Project Plan Requirements
Project Revision Process
Seasonal Holiday Sales
Slope Calculation Plan Submittal Information
Story Pole Certification
Tenant Displacement Assistance Ordinance (TDAO) Information - Inside Coastal Zone
Tenant Displacement Assistance Ordinance (TDAO) Information - Outside Coastal Zone
Vacation Rentals
Visual Aid Submittal Packet
Website Information
Zoning Compliance Declaration Instructions
Zoning Enforcement Questions

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Architectural Board of Review (ABR), Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) & Single Family Design Board (SFDB)
Note: Also see applicable Design Guidelines

Note: Also see Historic Preservation for information on historic resources
Archaeological and Historic Letter Reports Submittal Cover Sheet
Archaeological and Historic Reports Submittal Cover Sheet
Go to Consultant Lists for more information on Archaeology and Historical Consultants.
Historic Resource Evaluation
Mills Act Q & A
Required Documentation Prior to Demolition

General Design Review
ABR Plan Substitution Cover Sheet
ABR Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Design Review Final Approval Submittal Checklist
Design Review Submittal Checklist (Excerpt from Submittal Packet)
Design Review Submittal Packet
FAR (Floor to Lot Area Ratio) Calculator - Excel File - updated 05-26-2020
Hand-Delivered Tenant Notification Instructions
HLC Plan Substitution Cover Sheet
HLC Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Infill Projects - Supplemental Information
Minor Design Review Projects Submittal Requirements
Project Statistics Forms Instructions for Design Review Projects (4 pages; Use Excel file below for required tables) 
Project Statistics Forms for Design Review Projects – Excel File
SFDB Plan Substitution Cover Sheet
SFDB Resubmittal Cover Sheet
SFR Supplemental Design Review Submittal Packet - updated 04-03-2019
SFR 20 Closest Lots - Excel File
Single Family Residence Design Guidelines Worksheet
Wireless Communication Facility Design Review Submittal Checklist
Design Standards and Guidelines for Small Cell Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way - updated 04-15-2019

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Modification and Performance Standard Permit Submittal Packet
Modification and Performance Standard Permit Submittal Pre-Application Process


Coastal Development Permit Application
Condominium & Hotel Conversion Packet – SBMC 28.88
DART Informational Packet
DART Submittal Packet
Hazardous Waste and Substances Requirements
Lot Line Adjustment Submittal Requirements
Planning Commission & Staff Hearing Officer Submittal Cover Sheet
Pre-Application Review Team Submittal Requirements

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Sign Committee Submittal Packet - updated 04-03-2019
Sign Committee Resubmittal Cover Sheet
Sign Ordinance (Excerpt) – SBMC 22.70 - updated 04-03-2019
Sign Review Guidelines
Sign Program Informational Handout
Outdoor Vending Machine Submittal Checklist
Outdoor Vending Machine Guidelines


Window Signage Template and Examples
Contact Approved Printers


Agriculture Submittal Packet
Certified Arborists List
Landscape Compliance Requirements
Landscape Design Standards for Water Conservation
Landscape Plan Requirements
Tree and Landscaping Checklist
Tree and Landscaping Reference Guide
Tree and Landscaping Submittal Sheet
Vegetation Removal Permit - Questions and Submittal Requirements


Arbitrators List
Mediators List
Tree and Views Brochure
View Dispute Resolution Process Brochure
View Dispute Resolution Process Ordinance - See SBMC 22.76

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Accessory Dwelling Units Common Questions (coming soon...) 
Accessory Dwelling Units (and JADUs) Submittal Requirements (effective as of January 1, 2020) 
*Please refer to "Accessory Dwelling Units" under "Major Planning Efforts" for additional information
Air Quality Design Standards for Development Near Highway 101 - See SBMC 22.65
AUD Program Calculator - Excel File
AUD Program - Common Questions
AUD Variable Setbacks
Average Unit-Size Density (AUD) Program Ordinance – See SBMC 28.20 (in Coastal Zone)
Bed and Breakfast Inns
Building Height Limitations – SBMC 28.04.120 (in Coastal Zone)
Fences, Screens, Walls and Hedges Guidelines (Resolution No. 14-052)
Home Occupation Zoning Affidavit
Landscape Planter Requirements
Non-Conforming Ordinance (Excerpt) – SBMC 28.87.030 (in Coastal Zone)
Nonresidential Growth Management Program - Common Questions
Nonresidential Growth Management Program Resolution
Outdoor Lighting Ordinance - See SBMC 22.75
Residential Condominium Requirements – See SBMC 27.13.60
Solar Access Packet
Subdivision Ordinance – See SBMC 27
Tentative Map Requirements – See SBMC 27.07.030
Uses Permitted in the Various Zones (in Coastal Zone)
Zoning Plan Check Basic Compliance Checklist
Single Family Zoning Standards (in Coastal Zone)
R-2 Zone (Excerpt) – SBMC 28.18 (in Coastal Zone)
R-3 and R-4 (Excerpt) – SBMC 28.21 (in Coastal Zone)

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Last Updated: Jul 7, 2020
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