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Monthly Parking PermitsPublic Works

The City offers convenient and affordable monthly parking permits for Downtown employees in select Downtown Parking lots (see Map) and the two Commuter Lots, if space is available. The Downtown Parking office front counter at 1221 Anacapa Street is open with an appointment only.

Schedule an Appointment

To apply for a permit more efficiently, please fill out a Monthly Parking Permit Application, and email it along with a photo of your current California Vehicle Registration to Staff will contact you to arrange payment for the first month's fees. Please be aware that we do not prorate fees.

Current Parking Lot Permit Availability

Lot 2 914 Chapala Street  $160* Available
Lot 6 (Granada Garage) 1221 Anacapa Street   $160 Available
Lot 10 (Ortega Garage) 621 Anacapa Street  $140** Available
Lot 13 (Depot Lot)  209 State Street $150 Available
Helena Lot 217 Helena Ave $110  Not Available

* Paseo Nuevo employees may purchase permits in the Lot 2 Garage for $95/month.

** Paseo Nuevo employees may purchase permits in the Lot 10 Garage for $85/month.

Current Commuter Lot Availability

Carrillo Lot                   400 W. Carrillo Street   $40      Available
Cota Lot 119 E. Cota Street $70 Available

Parking in our Commuter Lots is by permit only.  Permits are available for purchase by employees who work in the Downtown core. To subscribe, applicants must complete a Commuter Permit Application, provide current California vehicle registration, and pay the fees for the first two months.

   Parking Lot Policies

  • Lots are open 24 hours. Maximum stay is 72 hours.
  • Vehicles left over 72 hours are subject to tow-away (except in the Railroad Depot lot).
  • No vehicles over 22 feet are allowed in City lots.
  • Soliciting or distribution of flyers is prohibited.
  • Park in marked stalls. Head-in parking only.
  • Commuter and Monthly Parking Permits are non-transferrable and may not be used for long-term storage of personal vehicles or company cars. 

   Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of your Monthly or Commuter Parking Permit Agreement carefully. 

  For more information on this program, please contact:  

 Downtown Parking Office
(805) 564-5656
1221 Anacapa St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Meghan Salas, Parking Resources Specialist

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