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Trash & Recycling

City Trash & Recycling provides reliable, cost-effective collection of residential and commercial waste. We assist homeowners, renters, and businesses in making the most of a suite of modern waste services available to them. We also negotiate and manage the contract with our city's franchised waste hauler, MarBorg. Our primary focus is on maximizing diversion of solid waste from landfill disposal.

How to Dispose of Everything

This video explains how to deal with items like paint, electronic waste, batteries and bulky items that do not belong in the trash or on the side of the road.


Recycling Heroes 

We are committed to recycling.

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Home Story Chef 
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Karen's Home Story 
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A child's recycling story 
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Latest News

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How Clean Do My Recyclables Need to Be?

June 29, 2015 

Simple Answer: containers should be as clean as you can reasonably make them in a few seconds. Empty them out, then rinse or wipe them if you can. Oily or sticky liquids are of concern because they contaminate other items, like paper. But sparkling clean isn't necessary.

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Can I Recycle Plastic Bags?

May 18, 2015 

We encourage people to avoid single-use plastic bags, but locals may have a few floating around. What to do with them? The answer: we prefer you make a "bag of bags" and return them to a grocery store, or bundle them for your blue bin. As a last resort, throw them loose into the blue. But yes, we accept them. Learn more about why...

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Five Winners of 2015 Spirit of Service Awards

May 13, 2015 

Five extraordinary local individuals and businesses were honored with the 11th annual Spirit of Service awards on May 13th, 2015. Bill Kelly of Nordstrom, Lauren Thal-Hill of Franklin School, residents Jesse Aldana and Stella Larson, and the Towbes Group, Inc., were recognized for reducing waste and maintaining a clean community.

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Last Updated: Jul 25, 2015