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When a "Flash Flood Watch" is issued by National Weather Service and confirmed by City of Santa Barbara Public Works Officials, the City will open the Sandbag Station and make sandbags available to residents free of charge. Residents are reminded that the City Sand Bag Distribution Policy is designed to assist in the protection of private property only during storm emergency conditions.

The City's Sandbag Station is located at the City of Santa Barbara Corporate Annex Yard at 401 East Yanonali Street.  The City will announce the hours of operation on Channel 18 (City-TV) and through other local media outlets when the Sandbag Station is open. Before and during storm events through the winter, residents should monitor radio and TV and go to the City’s website for updates and announcements. Residents should bring their own gloves and shovels and be prepared to fill the bags they need. Note, that when filling sandbags, fill them only half way, so they are not too heavy to lift and will stack properly. You may take 20 sandbags per trip.


Sand and Bags will be available until April 2016 at the following locations:

Santa Barbara Flood Control Shop
4568 Calle Real,
Santa Barbara


Sand bags are not pre-filled and persons are limited to 25 bags. More information concerning sand bags is available from County Flood Control at (805)568-3440.

Click here for information on how to fill and place sandbags.

Protection of private property is your responsibility as a property owner and begins prior to storm events. In addition to obtaining sandbags at the City Annex Yard, sandbags may also be purchased at any time at local hardware and building supply stores. Some building supply stores will deliver filled sandbags with advance notice. When properly placed, sandbags will redirect water and debris flows away from property improvements.

Protect your property before the rain begins! 
Begin with assessment of your property, especially if you live in the fire areas adjacent to or along San Roque Creek, Arroyo Burro Creek, Mission Creek, or Sycamore Creek. You can find informationon how to protect your property from erosion mud flows and flooding on your property in the:

Additional information is available on City-TV Channel 18 (Cox Communications) or visit the City’s web site at

 For additional information, please call the City of Santa Barbara Streets Division:
(805) 564-5413.

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2015