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Water & Wastewater Rate Changes

Adopted Water Rates for July 2015

Lake Cachuma in drought stateDuring a drought, the City relies on its customers to preserve remaining water supplies through extraordinary water conservation. At the same time, the City faces increased costs to maintain essential water service, including more expensive capital and operating costs to increase drought water supplies from groundwater, water purchases and, potentially, desalination. The City is proposing increased water rates to provide revenue needed to fund the costs of providing safe and reliable water service in times of drought. The proposed water rates reflect the cost of reactivating and operating the Charles Meyer Desalination Facility. To see how the new rates may apply to your bill, use our Water Rate Calculator.

Adopted Water Rate Changes

(1 HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 gallons)

Customer Class Tiers Current ($/HCF) Adopted  ($/HCF)
Single Family Residential First 4 HCF $3.28 $4.20
Next 12 HCF $6.39 $8.51
All other HCF $13.44 $18.59
Multi-Family Residential First 4 HCF (per dwelling unit) $3.28 $4.20
Next 4 HCF (per dwelling unit) $6.39 $8.51
All other HCF $13.44 $18.59
Commercial / Industrial 100% of Base Allotment $5.32 $6.53
All other HCF $11.61 $15.24
Irrigation - Residential & Commercial 100% of Monthly Water Budget $6.39 $8.51
All other HCF $13.44 $18.59
Irrigation - Recreation / Parks / Schools 100% of Monthly Water Budget $2.79 $3.70
All other HCF $13.44 $18.59
Irrigation – Agriculture 100% of Monthly Water Budget $1.56 $2.43
All other HCF $13.44 $18.59
Recycled Water All HCF $2.24 $2.96
Outside City Limits 130% of corresponding in-City rates

Adopted Monthly Water Meter Charges

Meter Size Current Adopted
5/8” $14.22 $23.49
3/4” $20.23 $34.19
1” $32.23 $55.61
1 1/2” $62.24 $109.14
2” $98.25 $173.38
3” $212.28 $376.82
4” $380.32 $676.61
6” $782.43 $1,393.98
8” $1,442.60 $2,571.74
10” $2,282.82 $4,070.71













Adopted water rates will become effective starting July 1, 2015. Water rates will be adjusted to reflect actual costs (with or without desalination) before taking effect.


Proposed Wastewater Rate Changes for July 2015

El Estero Wastewater Treatment Plants

The proposed wastewater rate change is a 5.5% percent increase to the City's current charges for all customer classes. The maximum monthly charge for a single family residential customer would increase by $2.36 under the proposed rates. The proposed increase will fund improvements, and replacement of, the critical facilities used to clean the wastewater and repair of the City’s aging sewer system, and will fund system operations. This includes replacement of critical facilities at the wastewater treatment plant.


Proposed Wastewater Rate Changes                         

(1 HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 gallons)                                       Total Monthly Wastewater Charges

Customer Class Example Assumed Monthly Usage (hcf/mth) Current Rates Proposed Rates Proposed Increase
Single Family Residential: Low User
5/8” meter
6 $32.08 $33.84  $1.76
Single Family Residential: Average User  
 5/8” meter
 12  $43.00   $45.36  $2.36 
Multi-Family Residential Building 12 dwelling units
2” meter
60 $352.20 $371.52  $19.32
Commercial Classes 1, 2, & 3  2” meter 60 $185.40 $195.60  $10.20
Commercial Class 4 2” meter 100 $375.00 $396.00  $21.00

* Please Note: Regardless of the amount of water used, the volumetric sewer charge is capped at 10 HCF per month for single family residential customers, 8 HCF per month per unit for multi-family residential (MFR) customers with 1-4 dwelling units and 7 HCF per month per unit for MFR customers with 5 or more dwelling units.

How do I protest the wastewater rate changes?

If you wish to protest any of the above increases, please deliver your protest signed and in writing, including your name and service address, to the City Clerk of the City of Santa Barbara at 735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, prior to or during the City Council’s consideration of this item on June 16, 2015. (If you wish to submit your protest during the public hearing, please deliver it to City Staff in the Council Chambers). Protests are public records.


When do the new wastewater rates take effect?

 The new water and wastewater rates will be effective starting July 1, 2015.

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2015