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Downtown Parking FAQsPublic Works

Can I contest a parking bill?

To contest a violation bill, write a statement on the bill explaining why you are contesting it.  Retain a copy for your records and return the statement with any back-up documentation in the envelope provided.  

Are there any subsidized alternative transportation programs for residents?

The City currently offers a subsidized program for Downtown employees.

Where can I safely park my bicycle in the Downtown area?

The City has partnered with Bikestation to offer secure, commuter bicycle facilities in the Granada Garage and City Lot 3. Please go to for more information and to sign up.

The City also offers bicycle lockers in parking lots throughout the Downtown area as well as at major bus and train locations.  Please contact the Downtown Parking Office at (805) 564-5656 for locations and fees. 

How do I request/remove a green/yellow/red or handicapped zone?

The request for curb painting generally requires a petition from all residents/businesses in the vicinity of the curb in question. Please call (805) 564-5385, or go to Traffic Operations Repair Report

How can I get a residential parking permit?

Residential parking permits require a petition of all households on the street. Please go to Residential Programs for more information. You will need to bring in three things to the Downtown Parking Office located at 1221 Anacapa Street.

  1. Your rental or lease agreement
  2. Current CA vehicle Registration
  3. A current piece of official mail, such as a water bill or electric bill with your name and address on it.

Where can I get information about obtaining a permit for Monthly or Commuter parking?

You will need to come into our office at 1221 Anacapa Street and fill out an application. Please bring current CA vehicle registration for the vehicle. Currently three lots offer monthly permits, the Ortega Garage ($135), the Depot Lot ($100), and Lot 2($145). (see Map) The Cota and Carrillo Commuter lots are available for $65 and $40 respectively. Please go to:  Parking Permits .

Where can I get information about an on-street parking ticket?

Please call the Police Department at (805) 897-2300.  You can now pay your ticket online at:  

Where can I get information about payment of a fee I incurred in one of the City’s paid parking lots and can I pay bills over the phone?

Please contact the Downtown Parking Office at (805) 564-5656.  The Parking Program does not accept payment of bills over the phone, and you cannot use online payment, but you can pay by cash, check, or credit card at the Parking Office located at 1221 Anacapa Street.

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2014