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Program OrganizationPublic Works

Browning Allen
Transportation Manager
Victor Garza
Parking / TMP Superintendent  
Rebecca Jimenez
Parking Supervisor (Operations)  
Dion Tait
Parking Supervisor (Maintenance)  
Roy Forney
Parking Coordinator
James Hernandez
Maintenance Crew Leader  
Chris Rickerd
Parking Coordinator
Phil Nevarez
Maintenance Crew Leader
Justin Berman
Parking Coordinator  
Jeff James
Electronics Technician
Sarah Clark
Parking Resource Specialist

Program Functions

  • Administer the customer and commuter parking programs. Park and process over five million vehicles per year. Administer Parking & Business Improvement Area District providing funds to help offset the costs associated with providing a 75 minute free parking program.
  • Operate a high quality public parking system in the downtown area. Staff and maintain nine parking lots and five parking structures with a total of over 3,000 parking stalls, serving over 5 million vehicles annually. Provide customer accounting and billing services. Provide grounds keeping and general maintenance services for 14 parking facilities. Perform routine and emergency maintenance and repairs on computerized revenue control equipment.
  • Plan for and fund long-term capital maintenance programs. Approximately 120 hourly employees are used to staff and provide excellent customer service in cashier booths as well as assist in routine maintenance needs.
  • Administer the Downtown employee, alternative transportation and parking programs. Market the use of alternative transportation programs in the Downtown area. Educate employees and employers on parking impacts and alternatives. Manage the on-street resources for resident parking in the Downtown, City College and upper Modoc areas. Coordinate program objectives and the initiatives with SBCAG (Traffic Solutions), MTD and Downtown merchants. Administer the Downtown Parking funding of Alternative Transportation programs for MTD.
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2015