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City Street TreesParks

Jacaranda mimosafolia -
Co-designated City Official Tree

The City's Parks Division Foresty Program cares for over 23,000 street trees, plus plant, remove trees, and respond to requests and emergencies.  Street trees shade our streets thus prolonging the life of asphalt, add texture, color and fragrance aong other benefits.  A recent assessment of Santa Barbara's street tree population estimates they provide over $2 million in annual benefits in the areas of stormwater reduction, carbon dioxide reduction, and reduced energy costs.

Street trees are under tremendous pressure due to the surrounding environment and require more frequent care than trees located in parks or open space areas.  Tree pruning occurs on a 5-8 year cycle, depending on the location, tree species and the age and condition of the tree.   

To report a fallen tree or tree limb, or other street tree concern, call (805) 564-5433.

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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015