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Flight Schedule

The Departures table is below the Arrivals table. Click on a column heading to sort.

Airlines Flight No. key: AS=Alaska     AA=American    UA=United


Type City Departure Arrival Flight No. Aircraft
Arrival Dallas 9:40am 11:13am AA5959 CRJ-900
Arrival Denver 11:16am 12:57pm UA5713 ERJ-175
Arrival Denver 3:10pm 4:53pm UA5318 ERJ-175
Arrival Los Angeles 11:55am 12:50pm UA5038 CRJ
Arrival Los Angeles 1:25pm 2:15pm UA5041 CRJ
Arrival Los Angeles 4:40pm 5:30pm UA5039 CRJ
Arrival Los Angeles 11:10pm 12:01am UA5040 CRJ
Arrival Phoenix 7:40am 9:16am AA5963 CRJ-900
Arrival Phoenix 10:10am 11:47am AA5915 CRJ-900
Arrival Phoenix 1:47pm 3:28pm AA3044 CRJ
Arrival Phoenix 5:14pm 6:50pm AA3043 CRJ
Arrival Phoenix 8:02pm 9:34pm AA5916 CRJ-900
Arrival Portland 6:50pm 8:58pm AS3470 CRJ-700
Arrival San Francisco 6:15am 7:30am UA5579 CRJ
Arrival San Francisco 8:05am 9:29am UA5255 CRJ
Arrival San Francisco 12:10pm 1:34pm UA5325 CRJ
Arrival San Francisco 3:31pm 4:46pm UA5329 CRJ
Arrival San Francisco 4:35pm 5:50pm UA5239 CRJ
Arrival San Francisco 7:10pm 8:25pm UA5647/td> CRJ
Arrival San Francisco 10:30pm 11:45pm UA5648 CRJ
Arrival Seattle 8:50am 11:12pm AS3492 ERJ-175
Arrival Seattle 3:05pm 5:27pm AS3390 ERJ-175


Type City Departure Arrival Flight No. Aircraft
Departure Dallas 11:56am 5:15pm AA5959 CRJ-900
Departure Denver 5:30am 9:05am UA5617 CRJ
Departure Denver 1:32pm 5:02pm UA5514 ERJ-175
Departure Los Angeles 6:45am 7:38am UA5148 CRJ
Departure Los Angeles 1:20pm 2:20pm UA5006 CRJ
Departure Los Angeles 2:45pm 3:45pm UA5103 CRJ
Departure Los Angeles 6:00pm 7:00pm UA5149 CRJ
Departure Phoenix 6:20am 7:59am AA5995 CRJ-900
Departure Phoenix 9:50am 11:25am AA6001 CRJ-900
Departure Phoenix 12:25pm 2:07pm AA5962 CRJ-900
Departure Phoenix 4:20pm 6:08pm AA3044 CRJ
Departure Phoenix 7:20pm 9:00pm AA3043 CRJ
Departure Portland 11:50am 2:00pm AS3493 ERJ-175
Departure San Francisco 6:00am 7:13am UA5981 ERJ-175
Departure San Francisco 8:00am 9:19am UA5982 CRJ
Departure San Francisco 10:00am 11:15am UA5446 CRJ
Departure San Francisco 2:05pm 3:18pm UA5764 CRJ
Departure San Francisco 5:23pm 6:35pm UA5200 CRJ
Departure San Francisco 6:20pm 7:33pm UA5557 CRJ
Departure San Francisco 8:55pm 10:05pm UA5727 CRJ
Departure Seattle 7:00am 9:30am AS3481 ERJ-175
Departure Seattle 6:05pm 8:35pm AS3445 ERJ-175
Last Updated: Oct 4, 2016