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Parking in Santa Barbara

  • Airport Parking
    Whether you are coming or going, learn about short-term and long-term parking at the Santa Barbara Airport.
  • Downtown Parking
    Santa Barbara has safe, clean and inexpensive parking throughout the downtown area.
  • Holiday Parking Enforcement
    Parking restrictions (and enforcement) are in effect on all Holidays. Learn more on the PD's Holiday Parking Enforcement page.
  • Street Sweeping Schedule
    Regular street sweeping occurs on about 80% of Santa Barbara’s 254 miles of paved streets within the Santa Barbara city limits. Learn when and where you should and should not park on the streets in the City.
  • Waterfront Parking
    Santa Barbara has ample parking at the harbor and beaches. If the water is your destination, Waterfront parking is for you.
The City of Santa Barbara offers a wide variety of parking at the Airport, Downtown and at the Waterfront. You will find the rates very reasonable and the lots clean and safe.
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2014
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