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Getting Around

  • Airport & Airlines
    Save yourself a 2-hour drive by flying directly to Santa Barbara instead of to Los Angeles. Along with comparable airfare, Santa Barbara Airport boasts an easier-to-navigate layout and shorter lines than those of LAX.
  • Bus Transportation MTD
  • Interactive Parks Map
    The Interactive Park Map lists all of the City parks in Santa Barbara and their respective amenities. You can filter the view by type of park, type of facility or file my amenity.
  • Parking
    The City of Santa Barbara offers a wide range of public parking options throughout the City. Whether you are parking at the beach, harbor, down town or at the Airport we have you covered.
  • Santa Barbara Area Maps
    Here are some maps of the City, Airport and Santa Barbara vicinity. Also included are some tips for getting around in the City and to and from the Santa Barbara Airport.
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2014
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