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What Services Do I Get?City Trash & Recycling

Special Services (NEW & IMPROVED)

  • Batteries and Cell Phones:  Single-family homes, collect your batteries and cell phones in plastic bags and place on top of the blue recycling container. Apartment Managers can request a free, small collection box for their tenants by calling MarBorg at 963-1852
  • Medical Sharps:  Call MarBorg at 963-1852 for a free container for mail-in disposal
  • Christmas Trees and extra holiday trash:  Place trees next to your greenwaste or in your normal trash area. All households will receive unlimited bagged trash on their regular collection day from December 26th to January 9th.



Trash is everything that cannot be placed in your recycling or greenwaste containers, or reused or given away. Trash must fit in your container and not overflow. Otherwise, call MarBorg – (805) 963-1852 for a Bulky Item pickup or an extra pickup. Trash is the most expensive of the waste services.


Single-family residences get unlimited recycling included as part of your service. For multi-unit buildings, recycling is 50% of the cost of trash, and 96 gallons (one large cart or three small cans) are included with your service. Multi-unit buildings of 5 or more units are required by law to recycle.

Simply call MarBorg, (805) 963-1852, to request more blue bins.

We accept:

  • ALL Metal
  • ALL Plastic, except Styrofoam
  • ALL Glass Containers
  • ALL Paper and Cardboard (no tissues or paper soiled with food)

Click the image for a larger size.  Or view an 11x17 printable PDF.



Single-family homes can receive up to two 95 gallon greenwaste carts (the large ones with wheels), or the equivalent service, at no additional charge.

Greenwaste includes leaves, branches, and grass.  No pampas grass, palm fronds or succulents please.


Bulky Item Pickups

Bulky Items include anything that wouldn’t normally fit in your trash container, but does not include large appliances, e-waste, or hazardous waste.

Under the new contract, each single-family home that pays trash/recycling fees is entitled to two large item pickups per year with an unlimited quantity of goods. Call MarBorg at 963-1852 for an appointment, but wait until your assigned pickup day to place items at the curb.   

For multi-unit buildings, the landlord or property manager may schedule the two included bulky item pickups for the entire building by calling MarBorg. Residents must gather their large items on the appropriate day.


Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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