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Residential BasicsCity Trash & Recycling

The Basics

Residents of Santa Barbara enjoy a great set of modern waste services provided by the City under contract with our local waste hauler, MarBorg. An overview:

  • All homes must have trash service
  • Lots of blue bin recycling is included with your service at no extra charge
  • Plenty of greenwaste (leaves, branches, grass) collection is also included
  • We are just beginning foodscraps composting for larger multi-unit apartment buildings
  • Plus battery collection, bulky waste pickups, mail-in medical sharps and Christmas tree collection.


You have a choice of container types and sizes, and for multi-family buildings, the number of days of pickup.

For details on your trash bill, including our rates, click here.

Where to Call
Missed pickups; extra pickups; confirm pickup days; change containers; understand trash & recycling charges on your bill
City Billing Office
Late or missed payments; online billing; credit card payments; Autopay or water and sewer charges. Pay online here.
City Trash & Recycling
Add or increase recycling, greenwaste, or foodscraps; reduce collection costs; multi-unit building inquiries

Single-Family Home Services

If only your household uses the containers, this section applies to you. If containers are shared with another household, or you are a multi-unit preoperty manager, read the section on Multi-Family Service.

  • Unlimited recycling and up to 192 gallons of greenwaste weekly
  • Two large item pickups per year at no extra cost. See Large Items for details.
  • Unlimited collection of Major Appliances ("White Goods"). See Large Items for details.
  • Household battery and cell phone collection. Collect your batteries and cell phones in plastic bags and place on top of the blue recycling container.
  • Mail-in Medical Sharps. Call MarBorg 963-1852 for a free container for mail-in disposal.
  • Christmas trees and extra holiday trash. Place trees next to greenwaste or in trash area. All households will receive unlimited bagged trash on their regular collection day from December 26th to January 9th.

Even more details over at our "What Services Do I Get?" page

Container Sizes

You have a variety of container size options to accomodate your needs. Call MarBorg 963-1852 to make adjustments.

For single-family homes, the container options are:

Last Updated: May 17, 2019
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