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Multi-Family Residential ServiceCity Trash & Recycling

If you manage a building where containers are shared by five or more households, this section applies to you. If you are a tenant, please work with the property manager or homeowners' association to change service or increase recycling.

Download our Apartment Services Guide (PDF)

Mandatory Recycling

As of July 1, 2012, multi-family complexes with 5 or more units are now required to recycle by California State law.

Because recycling and greenwaste are half the price of trash, all buildings save money by recycling more and using smaller trash containers.

How to Start / Stop / Change Service

If you already know which containers and sizes you need, call Santa Barbara's citywide waste hauler, MarBorg Industries, at 805-963-1852

If you need help determining collection frequency, container types and sizes, have inadequate space for containers, or want to optimize your recycling efforts, call the City at 805-564-5631. One of our recycling specialists will work with you and your residents to ensure that you have the most cost-effective, successful program possible.

Choosing Containers for Multi-Family Residences

  • All containers will be serviced in place.
  • You have a choice of cans, carts, or dumpsters. They come in 32 gallon (cans), 65 and 95 gallon (carts with wheels) and 1.5 yd, 2 yd, 3 yd and 4 yd (dumpsters).
  • Although containers can be collected more than once per week, this is more expensive. For occasional excess trash or recycling, just schedule and pay for a single-occasion extra pickup.
  • If you use a dumpster for trash, you will want a similar size container for recycling.  

What's Included With Your Service

(applies to the whole complex)

  • Two large item pickups per year per billed complex at no extra cost. See Large Items for details.
  • Unlimited scheduled collection of Major Appliances for building ("White Goods"). See Large Items for details.
  • Household battery and cell phone collection. Please request a battery and cell phone bucket at no extra charge by calling MarBorg at 964-1852
  • Mail-in Medical Sharps. Residents must call MarBorg 963-1852 for a free container for mail-in disposal
  • Christmas trees and extra holiday trash. Place trees next to greenwaste or in trash area. All households will receive unlimited bagged trash on their regular collection day from December 26th to January 9th.

Click to read our Landlord and Property Manager Guide [PDF]

Multi-Family Trash Rates

Each container type and size (e.g., Trash, 32-gallon cart) has a price; your Trash & Recycling bill will list a charge for each container. Remember, Recycling and Greenwaste are half the price (50%) of trash.

Explore your options using this Rate Chart (PDF), which lists prices for all container types and sizes from 1 to 6 collections per week. 

Billing & Payment Options

Four ways to pay for apartment managers and HOA representatives:

  1. Online: For paperless billing, electronic access to your account history, and one-time payments via credit card, sign up at the Utilities Online Payment Site. For automatic payments every month, you must also sign up for Autopay.
  2. Autopay: Sign up for automatic payments at the Utilities Online payment site.
  3. By Mail: Mail in the payment stub with your check, payable to the City of Santa Barbara
  4. In Person: Bills can be paid at City Hall, 735 Anacapa St via cash, check or credit card. For more information, visit the Utility Billing Website.

Large Items & Trash from Tenants Moving

  • Inform residents that recycling is available before they move in. Move-in waste often consists of recyclable cardboard boxes and packing paper. If your complex's recycling carts are too small, residents can bring flattened boxes to a local recycling center.
  • Most move-out waste cannot be recycled, but items in good condition may often be accepted by local thrift stores. Encourage residents to plan ahead to avoid tossing everything into the trash at the last minute.
  • The complex can pay for special pickups if necessary. Remember, it is illegal to place waste of any kind on the street.
  • See the Large Items section for more resources to deal with move out waste and dumping.
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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