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Special Collection Details for the Holidays

Modified schedule and extra waste, including trees

Our city trash hauler, MarBorg is closed on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and New Year's Day (Jan 1).

Residential waste collections will be delayed by one day for customers whose normal pickup is on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

What that means:

  • If you're normally picked up Mondays, your pikcup days will be normal - Monday, Dec. 23 & Monday, Dec. 30
  • If you're normally picked up Tuesdays, your pikcup days will be normal - Tuesday, Dec. 24 & Tuesday, Dec. 31
  • If you're normally picked up Wednesdays, your pickup days will be Thursday, Dec. 26 & Thursday, Jan. 2 
  • If you're normally picked up Thursdays, your pickup days will be Friday, Dec. 27 & Friday, Jan. 3
  • If you're normally picked up Fridays, your pickup days will be Saturday, Dec. 28 & Saturday, Jan. 4

Commercial pickups for businesses normally serviced on a Wednesday be provided either the day before or day after the holiday. Call MarBorg with questions, 963-1852.

Christmas Trees and Extra Waste

From December 26th to January 9th, MarBorg will be collecting extra items from all City residential customers at no additional charge. You can leave us additional trash (brown bin), recyclables (blue bin) or greenwaste (green bin).  

Just leave extra bags or bundles with your normal pickup. Christmas trees (without any additional stuff attached) will be collected whole.

Further details here.

Last Updated: Dec 6, 2016
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