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Library Expands Job Support Program

August 3, 2018 

SBPLWorks! continues to prepare adults with the computer skills to be competitive in the job market or move on to other educational opportunities using individualized assessments and learning plans tailored to their career goals and learning needs.

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Library Introduces WriteSB

August 1, 2018 

As part of the Summer Reading Program, the Library is introducing WriteSB. Community members are invited to participate in one of five writing workshops led by local writers, poets, authors, and experts.

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Beat the Heat at the Library

July 23, 2018 

The Central and Eastside libraries are officially designated cooling centers. Residents can get some relief from the heat and enjoy engaging programs, classes, and events at not only Central and Eastside, but at our branches throughout southern Santa Barbara County.

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#MakeSB Bridges DIY and Tech

May 25, 2018 

The Central Library has developed #MakeSB, an ongoing series of programs dedicated to making, creating, and building technical skills utilizing a DIY aesthetic sensibility.

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