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Spirit of Service Nomination FormCity Trash & Recycling

Nominations are currently closed for the Spirit of Service Awards.

Questions? Contact Lorraine Cruz Carpenter at (805) 564-5669,


1. City Limits: All nominations must be for programs, projects or volunteer work done within the Santa Barbara city limits. If you need assistance determining city limits, please contact us at 805-564-5669.
2. Complete Form: The nomination form must be filled out completely and all questions answered thoroughly. Nominations without sufficient information will be disqualified without notice.
3. Readable Form: Nomination forms must be legible. Please print, type or submit online.
4. Can’t Win Twice for Same Project: Prior Spirit of Service award recipients may be nominated for actions or projects that are unrelated to the actions or projects they were selected for in the past.
5. Scoring: Applications are scored on the requirements plus a 100 point scale explained in the form.
6. Self-Nomination and Multiple Nominations: Individuals or groups may nominate themselves, but must provide a reference(s) and/or documentation that can verify their work. More than one nomination may be made by an individual. 
7. Additional Response Details and Supplemental Materials: Attachments for continued responses are allowed. Please label attachments with the nominee’s name and restate the entire question(s) where applicable.  
8. Completed Form Required Even with Attachment: Supplemental materials/information (e.g. policies to promote recycling, newspaper articles, pictures, etc.) are allowed, but not in lieu of completely filling out the nomination form. Supplemental materials may be used for event displays. Looking Good Santa Barbara is not responsible for loss of any materials.  
9. Details, Please: Nominators should provide specific details when describing the nominee and focus on successful efforts, contributions and accomplishments. Statements in the nomination form may be used for written materials.
10. Deadline: All nominations must be received by Friday, March 20 by 5 p.m. 

SOS Nomination Online Submission
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Nomination Categories
Waste Reduction Category (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost) - An individual, group, business or agency that has made a significant effort to contribute to waste reduction in Santa Barbara.
Clean Community Category - An individual, group, business or agency that has made a significant effort to reduce graffiti and/or litter through clean-up projects.
Jack Cantin Youth Award - An individual or group, who is 21 years old or younger who has made a significant effort to reduce waste (reduce, reuse, recycle or compost), reduce blight (e.g. grafitti, litter), or otherwise improve the environment.
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Last Updated: Jan 6, 2022
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