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Helpful ResourcesCity Trash & Recycling

These flyers, posters, and informational sheets will help you be smart about selecting your trash services and support you in shifting toward more recycling and foodscraps (which saves you money!).

Feel free to download and print. If you need more copies or desire more information, contact a City Recycling Specialist at 564-5627.

Business Resources, General

  • Business and Apartment GuideNew Trash and Recycling Services (PDF): Folding brochure provided to every business to explain your new and improved services.
  • Bin Costs (PDF): one page sheet showing sizes and rates for indoor recycling and foodscraps containers that we sell at cost.
  • Trash Rate Table (PDF): official city solid waste organized rates by container and number of days of pickup. Businesses (only) can use our handy online bill calculator.
  • Foam Ban Information Page: Beginning January 1, 2019, vendors and retailers are no longer permitted to distribute or sell foam food and beverage containers in the City of Santa Barbara. Exemptions apply. Follow the link to learn more.

Business Container Sizes

Residential Resources, General


Residential Container Sizes


Foodscraps Composting

Video Library

  • Mayor’s State of the City Address, 2013 (start at 43:05): Mayor Helene Schneider’s Annual State of the City address included a significant section on single use bags and our new trash and recycling contract
  • "One and Done" - Waste Stream Part 1 (6:25): Discusses single-use items, their environmental impacts, and how to reduce use.
  • Recycling - Waste Stream Part 2 (3:53): all about our blue-bin recycling program
  • Yellow Bin - Waste Stream Part 3 (5:14): learn about our innovative foodscraps composting program for businesses and schools. As featured in the August 19th "City News in Brief" 
    • Education Edit of foodscraps (3:28): shorter version designed for classrooms


  • Brown Bin (Trash) - Waste Stream Part 4 (6:26): learn about Tajiguas landfill and what's left in our trash

Who To Call

City Billing Department  564-5343 
  • Questions about your Utility Bill (water, sewer, and trash)
  • Concerns about charges or disconnections
City Trash & Recycling 564-5631
  • Questions about what goes where
  • Consultation about service levels
  • To sign up for recycling or foodscraps composting
MarBorg 963-1852
  • If containers are not picked up
  • To change container sizes
  • To order a bin cleaning
Last Updated: Jan 3, 2019
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