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Buying BinsCity Trash & Recycling

Indoor Bin Colors

Place indoor trash and recycling bins in locations that are convenient for you and your staff. We strongly recommend using bins colors that are consistent with your outdoor containers and standardized throughout your facilities:

Yellow for foodscraps;  
Blue for recycling;    
Brown or Black for trash  

Outdoor Containers

Outdoor carts, cans, and dumpsters are included with your MarBorg service (under our new contract, business customers no longer have to pay for dumpster rental).

Business customers can choose any combination of trash, recycling, greenwaste, and foodscraps in any of the available container sizes—cans, carts, dumpsters, rolloffs, and compactors. Since recycling, green waste, and food scraps bins are half the price of trash, your business can save money by recycling and choosing smaller trash containers. 

  • If you already know which containers and sizes you need, call Santa Barbara’s citywide waste hauler: MarBorg Industries 805-963-1852
  • If you need assistance determining container types and sizes, have inadequate space for containers, or want to maximize your recycling efforts, call the City at 805-564-5631.
  • Although containers can be collected more than once per week, it is more expensive. For occasional extra trash or recycling, schedule and pay for an extra pickup.

Indoor Bin Sales

You are free to purchase indoor bins from your typical office supply vendors. Or, the City can offer you indoor recycling and foodscraps bins at cost.  Call us at 805-564-5631 for more information or to make a purchase. The following bins are available from the City:

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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