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When I click on the Parcel Status Lookup link, the page never opens. What's going on?

The Parcel Status Lookup page, on occasion, gets stuck in an infinite loop. When it is in this state, the page does not respond. In order to minimize the down-time, the program restarts itself every 60 minutes. If you experience this problem, then please wait a little bit and then try again.

My browser crashes when I try to view permit status or parcel information. What is the problem?

The problem often lies in your Temporary Internet files or your web browser's Cache. Sometimes the files become corrupted, but your browser is not aware of that, therefore rendering incomplete or non-functional pages. The solution is to delete your Temporary Internet Files or clear your browser's cache.

For Internet Explorer, the procedure is as follows.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Tools then Internet Options.
  3. On the General Tab in the Temporary Internet files section, click on the Delete Files button.
  4. To be sure to get all of the offending files, select Delete all offline content.
  5. Click on the OK button, and then click on the OK button in the Internet Options window to close the window.
  6. Close and re-launch Internet Explorer. When you visit the page again the problem should be resolved.

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2014
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