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Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations (LCOA) Study

Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations (LCOA) Study Process

The City has begun an effort to analyze the facilities that tourists stay in overnight to visit the coast, to determine how best to ensure that the coast is accessible to all. Because a lack of affordable facilities can limit the public's ability to stay in and access the coast, the primary focus of the effort is the so-called "Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations" (LCOA), which are typically defined as hostels, campgrounds, rv parks, cabins, and boat slips (as opposed to hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts, which are typically more expensive). This effort is taking a holistic view of how tourists who stay overnight access the coast, and looking not only at the coastal portion of the City, but also the inland areas, where there is still abundant means of access to the coast and short travel distances. Ultimately, this effort will conclude with new policies that will be presented for consideration first to the City Planning Commission, later to the City Council, and ultimately to the California Coastal Commission. At this time, it is envisioned that any new programs or policies would only be effective in the Coastal Zone portion of the City. A map of the Coastal Zone can be found here.

Project Timeline

Milestone Timeline
Consultant Acquisition April 2018
Inventory of Overnight Accommodations Complete October 2018
Public Meeting January 2019
Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations Policy Options Developed Spring/Summer 2019
Lower Cost Overnight Accommodations Study Completed Fall 2019
Begin LCP Amendment Consultation Process with CCC Staff Winter 2020
Planning Commission and City Council LCP Amendment Review and Adoption Fall 2020
LCP Amendment submitted to CCC for Certification Winter 2020

Project Contact

Timmy Bolton
(805) 564-5512

Rosie Dyste
(805) 564-5470 ext. 4599

Latest News

The LCOA Study has been finalized and is available for viewing here.

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Project Contact

Timmy Bolton
(805) 564-5512

Rosie Dyste
(805) 564-5470 ext. 4599

Last Updated: Feb 27, 2020
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