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Local Coastal Program Update

The City’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) is comprised of the Coastal Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Implementation Plan (IP).  The LUP was originally adopted by the City Council and certified by the Coastal Commission in 1981.  The original IP was adopted by the City Council and certified by the Coastal Commission in 1986.  Since 1986, the City has had permitting authority for most new development in the City’s Coastal Zone.

Over time, amendments have been approved and certified.  However, the LCP has never been comprehensively updated.  In 2014, the City received a grant from the California Coastal Commission (CCC) to update the LCP.  The primary goals of the LCP Update are to: 1) update and clarify LUP text, policies, maps and appendix documents, and 2) incorporate Sea Level Rise (SLR) adaption actions.
Many of the policies and actions described in the 1981 LUP have been implemented and should be deleted from the LUP as they are no longer relevant.  Other policies are still relevant today and will be carried forward.  Also, new text and policies are necessary to address new and emerging issues.  These includes new LUP policies reflecting the City’s existing and planned coastal resource protection measures and regulations (clean water, biological and environmental resources, sea level rise and coastal adaptation strategies) as well as incorporating relevant existing policies from the recently updated General Plan.   

Coastal Act LUP policy content areas include:

  1. Land Use & Development
  2. Public Access & Recreation
  3. Coastal Resource Protection
  4. Coastal Hazards Adaptation
  5. Public Services & Facilities

Staff is working with several City Boards and Commissions Subcommittees for input including the Harbor Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission and the Planning Commission. Public input will be encouraged on the Draft LUP. Ultimately, the LCP update will presented to City Council for adoption and it will not be effective until certified by the Coastal Commission. 


The City of Santa Barbara has issued a request for proposals for a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan, which can be found at the link below.

RFP No 3896 Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan for the Local Coastal Program Update


The Planning Division of the Community Development Department with inter-departmental support is undertaking this project. 

Email LCP Update for further questions:

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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2017
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