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View facing north of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara
Local Coastal Program Update

The City’s Local Coastal Program is comprised of a Coastal Land Use Plan that was originally certified by the California Coastal Commission in 1981 and an Implementation Plan that was originally certified in 1986. Together these serve as the standard of review for Coastal Development Permits under the City’s jurisdiction within the Coastal Zone. In 2014 the City began the process of updating the Local Coastal Program, focusing on the Coastal Land Use Plan.

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Santa Barbara bluffs Couple walking on the bike path at the harbor
Local Coastal Program LogoHendrys Beach, Santa Barbara - People enjoying the beach with the bluffs in the background
Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan

Sea Level Rise is occurring and will continue to increase in the future. The physical risks to Santa Barbara's Coastal Zone include shoreline erosion and degradation, decreased beach widths, amplified storm surges, and inundation of coastal flood waters. There is a need for the City and the community to understand this emerging issue, analyze the risks, and consider possible actions to prepare and adapt to the impacts of sea level rise.

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June 26, 2018 Review Draft Coastal Land Use Plan

In preparation for a City Council Hearing in August 2018, the City has prepared a June 26, 2018 Draft Coastal Land Use Plan that modernizes and replaces the 1981 Coastal Land Use Plan building upon the 2011 General Plan to implement standards that clarify the coastal development review process and align with the California Coastal Act. The June 26, 2018 Draft Coastal Land Use Plan demonstrates the City’s continued commitment to providing access for all to the beach, protection of the natural resources and the built environment, and appropriate uses of land including our vibrant waterfront, all of which make Santa Barbara so special.

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King tide at East Beach, Santa Barbara Califronia Coastal Commission logo Coastal Conservancy logo
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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