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Coastal Land Uses

These chapters include the LCP Land Use Map and overarching land use policies. The existing land use designations in the City’s Coastal Zone are compatible with Coastal Act policies that encourage and protect visitor-serving uses (e.g., hotels, motels, parks, and Stearns Wharf), beach access and recreational uses, and coastal-dependent and related uses (e.g., the Harbor) as higher priority land uses in the Coastal Zone. These land uses are important to the economic wellbeing of the entire community.

Most of the land within the Coastal Zone is either already developed or public park land. Future development will largely occur as redevelopment and any new development will be located in or near already developed areas.

Policies in this chapter clarify the procedures for existing nonconforming structures and define when an existing structure is redeveloped enough to be considered a new structure that must conform to all the policies of the Coastal LUP.

The Draft Coastal LUP does not include any new policies addressing short term rentals (vacation rentals) or accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Any new policies or regulations on these land uses would occur outside of the current Coastal LUP update.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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