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LCP Amendment

Initial Submittal

The LCP Amendment was submitted to the California Coastal Commission (CCC) South Coast office on August 21, 2018. The materials included in that submittal are available below:


  1. Final Coastal LUP
  2. Final Coastal Land Use Map
  3. Certified Newspaper Noticies
  4. Hearing Notices
  5. Hearing Slips
  6. Mailing Lists
  7. Minutes
  8. Notice of Availability of Drafts
  9. Decision-maker Resolutions and Ordinances
  10. Staff Reports
  11. Presentations
  12. Written Comments

Consistency Analysis

  1. Evaluation of LCPA effect on LCP
  2. Conformity to CCA Chapter 6
  3. Cumulative Impacts Analysis
  4. Level and Pattern of Development
  5. Consistency with CCA §13511

Substantive Amendment Materials

  1. CEQA Documents
  2. Certified LCP
  3. Environmental Technical Documents
  4. Parking Information
  5. Unresolved Coastal Hazards Policy - Principal Structure Size
  6. Unresolved Coastal Hazards Policy - Existing major public roads
  7. Unresolved Coastal Hazards Policy - Slope Protection Devices
  8. Unresolved Water Quality Policy
  9. Creek Buffer Maps
  10. MEA and Safety Element Geology Maps Maps
  11. LUP Coastal Bluff Edge Line Map
  12. High Fire Hazard Area Map
  13. Unresolved Definition of Existing Structures

CCC Response

On September 5, 2018, the City received a letter from CCC staff informing the City that additional information is required for the CCC to deem the City's proposed LCP amendment complete. That letter is found below:


On October 23, 2018, City staff submitted the following materials to augment the original submittal and satisfy the CCC staff request for additional information:


  1. Requested Additional Parking Information
  2. Requested Land Use Plan Amendment Information
  3. LCPA Adoption City Council Meeting Minutes

CCC Completeness Determination

On November 7, 2018, the City received a letter from CCC staff informing the City that the proposed LCP amendment is complete. That letter is found below:

CCC Time Extension

On December 14, 2018, the CCC approved a one year time extension to consider the City's LCP Amendment. The CCC staff report is found below:

Next Steps

Now that the proposed LCP amendment is deemed complete, the next step is for a CCC hearing date to be set. While the CCC did approve a one year time extension, it is anticipated that the hearing date will be set for early Summer, 2019.

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2019
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