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Coastal Land Use Plan Update

About the Draft Coastal Land Use Plan

For the most part, the Draft Coastal LUP carries forward policies that already exist in other City planning documents and regulations. New policies document the criteria and interpretations being used today for the review and approval of Coastal Development Permits, clarify development standards for traditionally complicated topics such as development near coastal bluffs and creeks, and address emerging issues for the City.

The Draft Coastal LUP covers a variety of topics:

The Draft Coastal LUP will not be effective until certified by the California Coastal Commission.

Development of the Draft Coastal Land Use Plan

The City of Santa Barbara, in consultation with the California Coastal Commission, has developed a Draft Coastal Land Use Plan (LUP) to replace the City’s existing 1981 Coastal LUP (as amended). See the Public Meetings page for a full list of the public hearings conducted in preparation of the Coastal LUP.

The materials related to adoption of the Coastal LUP, including the General Plan Map Amendment and LCP Amendment, can be viewed at:

Printed copies of the 1981 Local Coastal Plan, the Draft Coastal LUP, and related land use maps can be viewed at:

  • The Santa Barbara Central Library
    40 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA
  • City of Santa Barbara Planning Division
    630 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, CA
  • City of Santa Barbara City Clerk’s Office
    735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA
  • California Coastal Commission South Central Coast Office
    89 S. California Street, #200, Ventura, CA

Printed copies of the Draft Coastal Land Use Plan are available for purchase from Bill's Copy Shop for $26.06, including tax.

Latest News

The LCP Amendment was submitted to the Coastal Commission for review and certification in August 2018. To stay informed on future public meetings, please visit the Coastal Commission Meetings page.

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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2018
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