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Proposed Amendments to the Historic Resources OrdinancePlanning Central

Santa Barbara Municipal Code Chapter 30.157.


In 2012, the City adopted the Historic Resources Element of the General Plan intended to promote historic preservation through identification, designation, and protection of historic resources with the implementation of four goals, including  Protection and Enhancement of Historic Resources, Increased Awareness and Appreciation, Government Cooperation, and Neighborhood Historic Preservation.  

The City’s existing Historic Resources Ordinance (SBMC Chapter 22.22) provides the authority to protect and preserve the City’s historic resources consistent with the goals and policies of the Historic Resources Element. The City is currently pursuing amendments to the existing Historic Resources Ordinance to ensure the continued protection, preservation, and enhancement of historical, architectural, and archaeological resources.  Proposed amendments are intended to update the Ordinance with language consistent with the State and National historic preservation standards, streamline the review process, and outline a process for designating historic districts. 

Upcoming Public Hearings  

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September 16, 2020: Staff made revisions as directed by the HLC on May 27, 2020,  to the second draft of Historic Resources Ordinance, which  includes public comment related to clarifying certain definitions, formatting, and further clarification on the process for the designation of individual historic resources and historic districts is posted below.


Memo outlining revisions to Draft 2

Historic Resources Ordinance Chapter 30.157 (Draft 2)

Historic Resources Ordinance Chapter 30.157 (Redline version of draft 2)
California Office of Historic Preservation Comments

Past Public Hearing: May 27, 2020:
 Received comments on the draft ordinance from the HLC and public.  Staff presented a summary of public comments received to date, allowed public comment from the community, and provided HLC an opportunity to make their comments and recommended revisions to the draft document.

Staff accepted public comment on the proposed amended draft through June 7, 2020 to be considered in the revised version.

Click here to view the video of the May 27th meeting

Click here to view the Memorandum on Public Comment received through May 22, 2020 on Proposed Amendments to the Historic Resources Ordinance Santa Barbara Municipal Code Chapter 30.157. 

Click here to view Public Comment Received by May 26, 2020. on Proposed Amendments to the Historic Resources OrdinanceSanta Barbara Municipal Code Chapter 30.157. 

On April 29, 2020, HLC received a presentation from staff, summarizing the proposed amendments to the Historic Resources Ordinance and related public review process. 

To review the proposed amended draft of the Historic Resources Ordinance (Santa Barbara Municipal Code Chapter 30.157), click here.

To View Tittle 22.22 in PDF, click here.
To view the existing ordinance for comparison, click here.

Past Meetings

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Last Updated: Sep 16, 2020
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