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Adaptive Management Program 

An important component of the 2011 General Plan is the Adaptive Management Program (AMP). The intent of the AMP is to ensure that the General Plan is being implemented effectively and towards achievement of its vision of a sustainable Santa Barbara, and to provide a feedback loop and opportunity for timely policy and implementation action adjustments, rather than infrequent, major reactive updates. Annual AMP reports have been prepared as part of the General Plan Implementation reports each year since 2013 for the joint meetings of the City Council and Planning Commission. To date, the General Plan Implementation/AMP reports have not identified a change of circumstance so substantial to warrant amendments to the General Plan's objectives, policies, or implementation actions. 

The 2016 General Plan Implementation/AMP report focuses on the three key objectives of the Average Unit-size Density (AUD) Incentive Program which are to:

  • Encourage smaller rental units
  • Locate units close to transit, services and recreational opportunities
  • Encourage workforce housing



Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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