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General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program (AMP) Reports

Report Purpose

The purpose of the City’s annual General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program (AMP) Report is to ensure that the General Plan is being implemented effectively and towards achievement of its Vision, and to provide an opportunity through adaptive management for timely policy and implementation action adjustments.

Report Focus

The annual Report has undergone continuous development and revision with the content and format varying to highlight pressing topics and issues expressed by City Council and the Planning Commission. In June 2017, staff met with the Planning Commission to discuss the focus of the 2017 Report and whether new issue areas that were not already being studied through other efforts should be analyzed. At the time, no topics met this criteria. As a result, and because the City recently completed an update to the community-wide Greenhouse-Gas (GHG) inventory, this 2017 Report was streamlined to primarily focus on particular indicators of sustainability and the relationship between transportation, the jobs/housing balance, non-residential growth and housing.

Report Attachments

The 2017 Report also includes the:

  • 2011 General Plan Certified Final Program EIR Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Report
  • 2012 Climate Action Plan 2017 Implementation Status Report
  • Summary of Climate Change Legislation, Forecasted Future Effects, and Sea Level Rise Studies Report
  • Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Average Unit Density Cases as of August 1st, 2017

Public Meeting Schedule

Sustainability Council Committee

Staff will present the Community-wide GHG Emissions Inventory Update (Appendix D) and progress made towards emission reduction targets adopted in the Climate Action Plan and the City’s Obligations to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy to the Sustainability Council Committee.

The Sustainability Council Committee Special Meeting will be held October 17, 2017. The agenda can be found here.

Planning Commission

Staff will present the full 2017 General Plan Implementation and AMP Report to the Planning Commission on October 19, 2017. The staff report can be found here.

Joint City Council and Planning Commission Work Sessions

For the last several years, semi-annual joint work sessions of the City Council and Planning Commission have been held to discuss and prioritize the Planning Division's workload and, more recently, evaluate progress toward implementation of the 2011 General Plan. The primary topic for the Fall 2017 work session will be to review and prioritize, and identify potential funding sources, where necessary, for the Planning Division’s major work efforts. Staff will also briefly report on the 2017 General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program (AMP) Report, including an overview of the recently completed update to the community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory.

The fall work session of the City Council and Planning Commission will be held October 26, 2017. The Council Agenda Report can be found here.

Staff Contact

For any questions on the City's General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program Report, please contact Debra Andaloro, Principal Planner (

Download Links

The General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program Reports can be viewed by following these links:

2015 UCSB Project

Using the organization of the President's Task Force regarding recommendations on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, UCSB Intern, Adena Merabi, cited existing City Program efforts on climate preparedness and resilience which are in alignment with the Task Force recommendations.

Useful hyperlinks act as an index to climate action-related program activities. Click here to read Adena Merabi's timely report.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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