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  • Average Unit-Size Density (AUD) Program
    The AUD Program Ordinance carries out a key implementation action of the City’s 2011 General Plan. The intent of the Program is to provide needed residential development, particularly rental units, in the community near transit and within easy walking and biking distance to commercial services and parks.
  • General Plan Implementation Annual Progress Reports (APR)
    Since 2013, annual General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program (AMP) Reports have been prepared to report on General Plan implementation and provide an opportunity through adaptive management for timely policy implementation action adjustments.
  • Housing Element Implementation
    The 2015 Housing Element Update was unanimously adopted by the Santa Barbara City Council on February 10, 2015.
  • La Cumbre Plaza Planning Effort
    The City is considering options to guide the future redevelopment of La Cumbre Plaza. No formal action or development proposal is under consideration at this point.
  • Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Plan
    Since 2018, the City has been developing a Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Plan that identifies areas of the City vulnerable to sea-level rise and recommends potential actions that the City could take to adapt over time. The overall process for the Adaptation Plan includes public outreach and input from a Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Plan Subcommittee and City Staff Interdepartmental Sea-Level Rise Team.
  • Santa Barbara Design Standards
    The City is creating objective design standards for multi-unit and mixed-use housing projects to make the permitting process more streamlined, predictable, and easier to interpret.
  • Senate Bill 9 Implementation
    The City is proposing amendments to the Municipal Code to implement Senate Bill 9, which allows lot splits and two-unit residential projects in single-family zones without discretionary review, if the proposals meet certain requirements.
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2014
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