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At the semi-annual joint work session with the City Council and Planning Commission on November 14, 2019, andJoint Workshop picture a continued meeting of the City Council on December 10, 2019, direction was given to staff to make amendments to the AUD program to take it to a permanent multi-unit housing ordinance.

During the City Council discussion on the COVID-19 Update on April 21, 2020, Councilmembers expressed interest in prioritizing a subset of previously identified ordinance amendments to better facilitate economic recovery and construction of new housing developments in the downtown. At the April 28, 2020, City Council meeting staff was directed to expedient certain amendments for the downtown separate from the complete package. These were adopted on August 4, 2020 and more information can be found here. The final phase of the AUD amendments are in process and include the below: 


  • Designate the parcels adjacent to State Street, from Arrellaga Street to Mission Street, as Priority Housing Overlay.
  • Remove the Priority Housing Overlay from Milpas Street and Haley Street, down to North Quarantina Street.
  • Remove the Priority Housing Overlay from the potential Historic Districts on lower De La Vina and Castillo Streets.
  • Study designating State Street and De La Vina Street, west of Constance Street, from Medium-High to High Density.


  • Explore in-lieu fee waivers for green buildings, redevelopment of existing buildings.
  • Define what the in-lieu fees will be used for and include a portion for ADA improvements in the CBD. 


  • Establish maximum Floor Area Ratios (FARs) to regulate new multi-unit residential and mixed-use development including exploring:

-Block-by-block options

-Incentivizing micro-units

-Form-based code standards


  • Establish no-net-loss of units affordable to low-income or very-low-income households.
  • Review concept of no-net-loss of existing units for all income levels.
  • Limit uses of parcels developed with existing mobile home parks to discourage conversion.


  • Require a land use decision with findings by the Planning Commission for multi-unit housing projects on lots over 10,000 square feet and located in the High Density or Priority Housing Overlay area.
  • Consider local preference for inclusionary housing component of AUD Program development.

For questions, contact Jessica Metzger, AICP, at JMetzger@SantaBarbaraCA.Gov.


Last Updated: Sep 11, 2020
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