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Multi-unit Housing Program Amendments

At the semi-annual joint work session with the City Council and Planning Commission in 2019, the direction was given to staff to make amendments to the AUD program to take it to a permanent multi-unit housing ordinance.

Remaining Amendments

Development Standards

  • Establish maximum Floor-to-Lot Area Ratios (FARs) to regulate new multi-unit residential and mixed-use development

Density Changes

  • Remove the Priority Housing Overlay from Milpas Street and on Haley Street, west to North Quarantina Street
  • Remove the Priority Housing Overlay from Castillo and De La Vina Historic Districts
  • Add the Priority Housing Overlay to parcels directly adjacent to State Street, from Arrellaga Street to Mission Street
  • Consider designating State Street and De La Vina Street, west of Constance Street, High Density rather than Medium-High Density

Administrative Changes

  • Require a land use decision with findings by the Planning Commission for multi-unit housing projects on lots over 10,000 square feet located in the High Density or Priority Housing Overlay areas
  • Consider local preference for inclusionary housing component of AUD Program development
  • Consider incentives for ownership of residential units

The AUD Program will be in effect unit February 28, 2022.  Any preliminary application for new units that is complete pursuant to Gov’t Code sec. 65941.1 may continue to be processed under the AUD Program or can amend the application to follow the new multi-unit housing standards that will take the place of the AUD Program. 

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Last Updated: Aug 18, 2021
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