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Forms, Handouts & ApplicationsPlanning Central

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  • LDT Bulletins
    Use this link to check on important Land Development Bulletins released by the Planning Department.
  • Building & Safety Handouts
    Building & Safety Handouts include 2016 Building Code Information, Solar Expediting Process, Permitting Forms, Code Information, Construction Details, Owner-Builder Forms, Calgreen Forms, Plan Check Submittal Requirements, Residential FEMA Flood Zone Information and more.
  • Landscape Removal Handouts
    The Landscape Removal Handouts web page includes information on design guidelines, front setback tree removal application, landscape standards and requirements and more.
  • Planning Handouts
    Planning handouts include Planning, Zoning, Design Review handouts, Modification and Performance Standard handouts, Planning Commission and Staff Hearing Officer handouts, and much more.
  • Planning Maps
    Zoning, Planning & Special District Maps includes Coastal Zone Map, Demolition Review Area Map, Design Districts Map, General Plan Map, O-C Rezone Map and the Zoning Map. These are all in downloadable PDF format.
  • Public Works
    Public Works forms include applications, such as the Master Permit Application, Outdoor Dining License application, and Water Sewer Service application. There are a variety of handout and guides as well as some general information handouts.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2022
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