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The new application submittal procedures are effective October 10th 2021. The final date to submit using our old forms is 12:00AM on Monday, November 1st. For Information on Public Counter Notices Re: COVID-19 click hereInformation on how to submit  Electronic Applications is available here.

New! On-Demand (Instant) Permit applications available through your Accela Citizen Access Portal click here.

Building Permit Application

Submit a building permit application for any project that requires a building permit. Please note that the Master Application is no longer accepted for Building Permit Applications.

Building Permit Application Guide
Building (BLD) Application
Basic Site Plan Submittal
Project Plan Submittal Guide
Revisions to Approved Plans

Frequently Used Forms

Supporting materials including frequently used forms are required on some applications, depending on the type of project. All required forms must be completed, signed, and uploaded as a separate PDF with your electronic submittal. 

Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Clearance Form
Code Modification or Alternate Request Form
Grading Self-Certification Form
Owner-Builder Disclosure Form
Utility Clearance Form

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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021
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