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1235 Veronica Springs Rd (Hillside House)Planning Central

Project Description

The proposed project consists of annexing the approximately 24 acre project site to the City of Santa Barbara, the removal of all existing structures on the site, except the structure known as Harmony House (a single family residence), and the phased development of 120 residential units in 33 buildings. With the conversion of the Harmony House to a triplex, there would be a total of 121 residential units. The buildings would be two to three stories tall and include single and two car garages. Two non-residential buildings are included: a three-car garage and a 6,700 square foot administration building for Hillside House clients. The proposed residential units include 70 market-rate condominiums, 12 very-low income rental units (Hillside House units), 11 inclusionary ownership units and 28 low-income rental units. Hillside House, would continue to operate its intermediate care assisted living in the 12 units. The project includes restoration of the portion of Arroyo Burro Creek within the boundaries of the project site, located along the south-west property line. A total of 222 covered and uncovered parking spaces would be provided on site.

As part of the annexation to the City of Santa Barbara the entire lot would receive a General Plan designation of Residential (5 units/acre) and a Zoning Map Amendment to SP-9 (Specific Plan). Two conservation easements are proposed on the project site, which would be recorded as part of the final tract map. The first conservation easement would encompass the entire segment of Arroyo Burro Creek, located within the project site boundaries, and include an area of approximately 100 feet on either side of the creek for its entire length on the project site. The second conservation easement would encompass the hillside on the north-east side of the project site.

The project will would include a 36 foot wide public road that would be located along the south-western side of the lot. On the project site, near the near the intersection of the proposed public road and Veronica Springs Road, would be a turnout for a Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus stop. Offsite, a 20 foot wide emergency access road would be improved, within the City 60 foot wide public right-of-way easement, which crosses four privately owned parcels. It would serve as a pedestrian and bike path through to Palermo Road. A new 42 inch storm water pipe line would be trenched within the Veronica Springs Road right-of-way and terminate at an existing headwall in Arroyo Burro Creek, located approximately 420 feet south of the project site on the west side of Veronica Springs Road.

Review the Case Status for MST2003-00793.

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1235 Veronica Springs Rd (Hillside House)

1235 Veronica Springs Rd (Hillside House)
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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