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900 - 1100 Las Positas Road (Veronica Meadows)Planning Central

Project Description

The project consists of the annexation of approximately 50 acres, with General Plan and Local Coastal Plan designations and zoning of Specific Plan 9.  A lot line adjustment is also proposed.  A 30-lot subdivision and development is proposed on approximately 15 acres.  The remaining 35 acres would remain in open space.  Proposed development includes 25 single-family homes, 2 of which would be affordable to middle income homebuyers.

Review the Case Status for MST99-00608.

Contact Us

Allison DeBusk
Project Planner
(805) 564-5470, x4552

Mail comments:
    City of Santa Barbara Planning Division

    PO Box 1990
    Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990

Revised Environmental Impact Report

1.0 Introduction(130.3 KB)
4.0 Alternatives(33.72 MB)
8.0 References(84.9 KB)

Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report

Appendix C(1.47 MB)
Appendix D(4.15 MB)
Appendix E(239.7 KB)
Appendix F(4.04 MB)
Figure 1-1(1.27 MB)
Figure 3-8(3.19 MB)
Figure 4-1(2.55 MB)
Figure 4-2(1.35 MB)
Figure 4-3(2.56 MB)
Figure 4-4(2.57 MB)
Figure 4-5(2.55 MB)
Figure 4-6(796.7 KB)
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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