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Project Description

The project involves the redevelopment of a vacant 21,756 square foot lot located at the northwest corner of Milpas and De la Guerra Streets. The project consists of a mixed use development containing five mixed use residential/commercial condominiums, one live/work unit, two residential units and one commercial condominium. The development would be split among three buildings totaling 19,886 net square feet. The overall height of the proposed development would be between 37 feet and 38 feet, 6 inches. Parking would be located within eight two-car garages and on the interior of the lot for a total of 26 parking spaces. Access to the garages and parking lot would be via a driveway from East De la Guerra Street, located between two of the buildings. Pedestrian access to the site would also be provided from North Milpas Street. A landscaped area would be provided in the northwest corner of the site, behind the open parking.

Review the Case Status for MST2006-00510

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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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