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540 West Pueblo Street (Cancer Center of Santa Barbara)Planning Central

Project Description

The proposal is a new comprehensive outpatient cancer treatment facility for the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. The project site consists of ten lots, located between West Junipero and West Pueblo Streets that would be merged into one 3.38-acre lot.

The existing development consists of a 17,444 square foot main medical building, 9,248 square feet of medical office space located in other structures onsite, and five residential units.

The project includes the demolition of all structures onsite except for three buildings along West Junipero Street. The existing main medical building which is located within the 25-foot setback of Mission Creek would be replaced with a new 53,407 square foot, three-story medical facility, located approximately 130 feet from the top of bank. The new facility would have a maximum height of 45 feet except for an architectural feature that would extend to 50 feet. The proposal includes a new three-story (four tier), 66,170 square foot parking structure with 169 parking spaces. The parking structure would have a maximum height of 39 feet. Three additional uncovered parking spaces would be located onsite, for a total of 172 proposed parking spaces. Vehicular access to the site would be provided by one driveway on West Pueblo Street and one driveway on West Junipero Street.

Two of the buildings to be retained would continue to be used as medical offices and one would be converted to a residential unit. Five new residential units would be constructed. The proposed project would result in a total of 57,239 square feet of medical office space and six residential units.

Grading would consist of 2,700 cubic yards of cut and 5,500 cubic yards of fill. The project includes revegetation of the creek bank and creek setback area. 

Review the Case Status for MST2007-00092.

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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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