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Project Description

The applicant proposes a lot line adjustment between two parcels (2.82 and 2.75 acres in size) by realigning the dividing lot line from a north-south direction to an east-west direction, and resulting in two parcels of 2.47 acres (Parcel 1, upper parcel) and 3.10 acres (Parcel 2, lower parcel). Parcel 1 would have an average slope of 21.3% and Parcel 2 would have an average slope of 22.5%, both parcels sloping north to south. An existing single family residence, greenhouse foundation, and hardscape driveway would be removed and two new single-family residences are proposed on each parcel. Parcel 1 would include a 6,129 square foot residence with an attached 743 square foot garage, a 1,517 square foot residence with a 320 square foot garage, and a detached 430 square foot garage. Parcel 2 would include a 3,927 square foot residence with an a 747 square foot attached garage, and a 1,786 square foot residence with a 352 square foot subterranean garage. The project site is currently accessed from Eucalyptus Hill Drive by an existing unimproved road which extends to the southern portion of the properties. This road would be improved to facilitate access to the proposed lower parcel, via an easement though the upper parcel. An existing driveway on the eastern property is proposed to be expanded to provide for a circular driveway to the upper parcel for a total of three curb cuts. The applicant also proposes two bioswale storm water retention areas totaling 900 square feet for Parcel 1 and 600 square feet for Parcel 2. The total grading quantities proposed for the development of both parcels include 3,090 cubic yards of cut and 2,830 cubic yards of fill.

Review the Case Status for MST2004-00349.

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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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