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1925 El Camino de la LuzPlanning Central

Project Description

The project is a proposal for construction of a 2,789 square foot (net) three-story single-family residence (30 foot maximum height), 571 square foot (net) two-car garage, and three water storage tanks/lap pool, along with associated infrastructure improvements, including driveway widening and restoration, drainage facilities and utility hook-ups, and native vegetation restoration and landscaping.  The development would entail initial demolition and removal of some existing infrastructure and debris ( e.g., concrete paving and fencing to be replaced, landslide debris removal), and site stabilization and foundation design utilizing deep caissons into bedrock, shear–pins, and tie backs.  The project offers to dedicate to the City a lateral public recreational access easement across the beach area of the parcel, and open space easement on the coastal bluff face and adjacent native lemonade berry vegetation, and an air space public view corridor easement from El Camino de la Luz over the top of the residence toward the Santa Barbara Channel and Santa Cruz Island.  Grading for site preparation would involve an estimated 1,180 cubic yards cut and fill, balanced on site within an 9,345 square foot grading and construction envelope.  The duration of the demolition, grading, and construction process is estimated at 70 weeks (1.3 years). 

Review the Case Status for MST2013-00240

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1925 El Camino de la Luz

1925 El Camino de la Luz
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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