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Project Description

The project consists of the demolition of an existing 884 square foot, single-family residence and 440 square foot detached garage, and the construction of three new residential condominium units in the Appealable Jurisdiction of the Coastal Zone. The proposed structure would be three stories with a maximum building height of 30’ 2” consisting of 4,049 square feet of residential floor area above 1,172 square feet of garage floor area.

The project includes two two-car garages and a one-car garage on the first floor, and a 1,525 square foot two-bedroom unit (Unit 1), a 1,432 square foot one-bedroom unit (Unit 2), and a 1,092 square foot one-bedroom unit (Unit 3) on the second and third floors.

The proposed project proposes 25 cubic yards of cut and 135 cubic yards of fill outside the main building footprint. Grading under the main building footprint would involve 110 cubic yards of cut. A Coast Live Oak, measuring 2 inches in diameter at breast height (dbh), is proposed to be removed.

The project also includes decks for each unit on the second and third stories and bioswales and retention basin adjacent to the proposed residences. A 25-foot native riparian landscape area, with the exception of three king palm trees and trumpet vine, is proposed between Mission Creek and any proposed structures.

Review the Case Status for MST2004-00725.

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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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