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The Santa Barbara Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted in 2012 in response to directives of the City General Plan and State Legislature (AB 32-Global Warming Solutions Act, SB 375-Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act, SB 97 – California Environmental Quality Act). The CAP includes an inventory and forecasts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions generated by the Santa Barbara community that contribute to  global climate change. Strategies to reduce carbon emissions are identified in the areas of energy, travel and land use, vegetation, waste reduction, and water conservation. The CAP also identifies adaptation strategies to address climate change impacts in Santa Barbara.From 2015 - 2018, CAP implementation and status reports were included with the annual General Plan implementation reporting. Those reports can be viewed here.

Climate Action Plan Update

In 2020, City Council adopted a goal of carbon neutrality by 2035. To reach this goal, the City is updating the 2012 CAP. The updated CAP will include a new community-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventory and new climate action strategies. More information about this effort can be found here. 

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