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Architectural & Urban Design Guidelines for the AirportPlanning Central

The Municipal Airport is a major gateway to the Santa Barbara area; it should provide a notable, favorable and long-lasting impression on its visitors and users.  In order to realize this something special, something "Santa Barbara," a strong, unifying theme needs to be established for the entire Airport property, including guidelines for urban design developed as part of the Airport Industrial Area Specific Plan.  The theme should recognize the existing architecture in the surrounding unincorporated commercial areas.

The Architectural & Urban Design Guidelines for the Airport are presented in two parts.  The first section is the General Project Guidelines, which contains policies and parameters affecting the entire Airport.  The second section outlines specific criteria for development in the individual design areas established at the Airport.  Two distinct design areas have been identified based on locations, existing uses and existing development.  The first area includes the Airline Terminal and the area surrounding it.  The second area includes the rest of the Airport property. In addition, the second area has been divided into 4 sub-areas for purposes of creating unified color schemes for these areas.  All of these areas are shown on the attached map.

Finally, these guidelines are intended to aid developers, designers and planners in making architectural decisions in conformance with the policies of the City of Santa Barbara and the Municipal Airport.  In addition, they will provide the base upon which cohesive and creative solutions can be built.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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