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Single Family Residence Design GuidelinesPlanning Central

The Single Family Residence Design Guidelines are primarily a guide for the homeowner, architect, designer, developer and builder who are designing new single family homes or changing existing houses.  These Guidelines are intended to help design homes that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhood, preserve visual resources and promote sustainability.  The Guidelines help homeowners design projects that are compatible in both size and design.  While Floor to Lot Area Ratio (FAR) regulations inform homeowners of the maximum allowed home size, homes designed smaller than the maximum FAR can still be incompatible, depending on design.  Therefore, design is just as important as size.

These Guidelines also provide a framework for the design review process and a foundation for public, City staff, SFDB, HLC, Planning Commission and City Council project evaluation.  Whenever SFDB is referenced, the information generally applies to other hearing body reviews.  These Guidelines are not meant to discourage unique and inventive design solutions.  Rather, these guidelines serve as a tool to help decision makers determine if appropriate findings and approvals can be made for projects.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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