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Solar Design Guidelines & Recognition ProgramsPlanning Central

Adopted December 5th, 2006.  The City of Santa Barbara supports the use of solar energy as environmentally superior alternative to the use of fossil fuels.  The Guidelines and Recognition Programs were prepared as part of the City's participation in the Federal Million Solar Roofs Program (which has a goal of solar panels to be installed on one million US roofs by 2010).  The documents are focused on education, voluntary use and a recognition program.  City Council will publicly recognize Solar Energy System and Passive Solar Design projects consistent with these guidelines at a Council hearing each June.  "Solar Recognition Award" certificates suitable for framing and attractive sun-shaped small wall plaques will be presented to award winners.

Solar Energy System Guidelines & Recognition Program

This document specifies how to achieve a solar energy system that is high performing as well as aesthetically well integrated with its surrounding location, and therefore eligible for a recognition award.

Passive Solar Design Guidelines & Recognition Program

The best way to reduce energy consumption is through conservation. Recognizing this, the "Passive Solar Design Guidelines and Recognition Program" document was adopted along with the Solar Energy System Guidelines and Award program.  The Passive Solar guidelines encourage building siting, orientation, materials, construction techniques and landscaping to reduce long-term energy needs for new developments.

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2013
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