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Outdoor Lighting Design GuidelinesPlanning Central

Santa Barbara possesses a rich architectural heritage and a uniquely beautiful scenic environment.  At night, lighting is an integral component of this built and natural environment.  It is important that illumination is intelligently planned to complement this environment, is subtle and avoids over lighting and provides a cohesive appearance for the city and its neighborhoods. Safety and security for persons and property are also of paramount concern, and it is necessary to recognize the importance of quality of light versus quantity.

The goal of this guideline is to promote a high standard of quality for lighting in commercial and residential areas of Santa Barbara, and to assist Design Review Boards, Planning staff, architects, lighting designers, and applicants with an understanding of the concepts behind good lighting design and a means to achieve that goal by establishing parameters to enable reviewers to determine that the intent of the guidelines has been met.

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2013
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