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Architectural Board of Review GuidelinesPlanning Central

ABR Guidelines were adopted in 2003 to reorganize and expand 1995 guidelines, and revised by Council in December 2011.  The ABR comments on development projects to protect and preserve the natural charm and beauty of Santa Barbara and to continue a tradition of pleasing distinctive architecture in the City.  The intent of the ABR Guidelines is to ensure high design standards are maintained in development and construction.  The ABR Guidelines are also intended to assist in the project applicant's and public's understanding of ABR goals and policies and their implementation.

Updated ABR Guidelines are divided into three parts: Part 1: Architectural Design, Part 2: Landscape Design, and Part 3: Meeting Procedures.  Please note that many new helpful landscape guidelines are provided in Part 2 and some meeting procedures have been revised in Part 3 to increase application review efficiency.

Infill Design Guidelines were added to these guidelines in April 2017.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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