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Interactive Map FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the City of Santa Barbara Mapping Analysis & Printing System (MAPS).

MAPS is not working with my web browser. What’s wrong?

MAPS utilizes HTML5 for structuring and presenting web-based content. The application is designed, built, and tested to run on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 (or higher). While the application will work with most other commonly used up-to-date browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), using other browsers may cause random issues. Users are encouraged to use I.E. 11.0 (or higher). 

There's no parcel ownership information available in MAPS, why?

Parcel data is provided to the City of Santa Barbara from the Santa Barbara County Assessor's office. The City cannot distribute or share this data. If you would like to inquire about parcel data, please contact the Santa Barbara County Assessor's office directly.  

MAPS is not working properly on my Smartphone or Tablet. What's wrong?

MAPS is developed using HTML5 version 2.7. Though not all are tested, MAPS should run on most commonly used mobile browers and operating systems. Click here for a detailed list of HTML5 compatibility on mobile and tablet browsers.   

MAPS is not working. What can I do?

Try closing your browser and relaunching the application. Also, confirm that you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 (or higher) or another compatable browser.

Be advised that application upgrades, maintenace, or internet disruptions may cause MAPS to come offline as well.   

Will MAPS run on a computer/mobile device running Mac/OS/iOS?

Yes. The application will run in the Mac/OS/iOS environment. Please see FAQ #3 above for additional details related to HTML5 compatibility.

Why do I have to "Accept" the Disclaimer to access MAPS?

The MAPS application has been provided to allow a visual display of City information. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the maps and data provided; nevertheless, some information may not be accurate. Users must review, understand, and accept this via the disclaimer in order to launch the application. THE MAPS AND ASSOCIATED DATA ARE PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Do not make any business decisions based on the data before validating your decision with the appropriate City office. 

What data is represented in MAPS?

The information provided is a collection of data from various City sources. Please review the Data Dictionary found in the MAPS homepage for a complete list of data available in the application.

I can’t see layer data for some areas, why?

The map coverage consists of GIS data for the City of Santa Barbara. Data inquiries for areas outside city limits should be submitted to the appropriate agency (i.e. City of Goleta, City of Carpinteria, etc.).

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2014
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