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Status for Case MST2007-00413

Address: 110 W SOLA ST
Case Number: MST2007-00413
Case Type: Master Application
Description: This is a revised project description: Proposal to demolish an existing, one-story 15,730 square foot commercial office building and construct a new, three-story, 39'-6" tall mixed-use development. The project will comprise four residential condominium units ranging in size from 2,088 s.f. to 2,639 s.f. and three commercial condominium units totaling 2,424 s.f. Fifteen covered parking spaces will be provided on the ground level of this 15,930 square foot parcel. There will be approximately 470 cubic yards of grading excavation. This project has received Staff Hearing Officer approval of a Tentative Subdivision Map, the condominium development, and a zoning modification for encroachment into the interior yard setback at the west elevation. This project will also require an HLC waiver of the six-foot fence/decorative wall requirement at the property line between the subject parcel and the adjacent, residentially-zoned parcel. Original Historic Structures/Sites Report reviewed under MST2006-00427.
Application Date: 8/15/2007
Status: See Case Activities
Case Planner: No Case Planner Listed

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Case Activities

Type Date Completed Sort Case Activities by Completed Date
SHO-FYI/Research 9/17/2014
HLC-Correspondence/Contact 1/28/2014
Project Withdrawn 1/28/2014
HLC File Purged 1/28/2014
HLC-Correspondence/Contact 12/10/2013
READ THIS NOTE! 12/10/2013
SHO-Case Planner Status 4/10/2012
HLC-In-Progress Review Hearing 3/17/2010
ENV-FYI/Additional Information 3/16/2010
HLC-Resubmittal Received 2/26/2010
HLC-Preliminary Review Hearing 10/14/2009
HLC-Prelim Approval-Project 10/14/2009
HLC-Resubmittal Received 10/6/2009
SHO-Tentative SHO Hearing Date 9/23/2009
SHO-Public Hearing (Continued) 9/23/2009
SHO-APVD-Design Review Req'd 9/23/2009
SHO-Public Hearing (New) 5/20/2009
HLC-Concept Review (Continued) 1/7/2009
HLC-Resubmittal Received 12/18/2008
SHO-DART Deemed Complete 11/26/2008
HLC-Archaeology Report 11/12/2008
HLC-Archaeology Rpt Accepted 11/12/2008
ENV-Req'd Information Accepted 11/12/2008
ENV-Req'd Information Received 9/17/2008
BLD DART #2 Draft Comments 9/15/2008
PBW Eng DART #2 Comments 9/12/2008
PC-Correspondence/Contact 5/27/2008
HLC-Historic Structures Report 12/12/2007
HLC-Concept Review (Continued) 12/12/2007
HLC-Hist. Struc. Rpt Accepted 12/12/2007
HLC-Notice Prepared-PC/SHO Req 12/12/2007
HLC-FYI/Research 11/27/2007
HLC-FYI/Research 11/27/2007
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 11/26/2007
HLC-Posting Sign Issued 11/20/2007
HLC-Concept Review (New) 9/5/2007
HLC-Notice Prepared-PC/SHO Req 9/5/2007
HLC-Posting Sign Issued 8/17/2007
Application Received 8/15/2007
SHO-DART Received  
SHO-DART Received  
SHO-DART Received  
SHO-DART Incomplete  
SHO-DART Incomplete  
ENV-NOI to Adopt ND w/o Pub Hr  
ENV-Arch. Report Rec'd/Routed  
ENV-Arch. Report Rec'd/Routed  
ENV-Hist Res. Rpt Rec'd/Routed  

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