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Status for Case MST2004-00493

Address: 1298 COAST VILLAGE RD
Case Number: MST2004-00493
Case Type: Master Application
Description: This is a revised project description. Project has been revised as follows: the height of the three story project is proposed to be raised 8-7/8 inches (revised down from the 12-7/8 inch increase previously proposed on June 19, 2017), a new tower has been added to vary the height of the building, and a jacuzzi is proposed on the second floor patio near the northwest corner of the project. The entire proposal consists of the demolition of the existing gas station and service bays and the construction of a new three-story, mixed-use building on an 18,196 square foot lot. The 18,595 square foot building would include 4,800 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and 13,795 square feet of residential space on the second and third floors. The residential component includes two, three-bedroom units, and three, two-bedroom units. A total of 36 parking spaces are proposed. A total of 11,000 cubic yards of cut and fill is proposed. The project requires compliance with City Council Resolution No. 08-084.
Application Date: 6/30/2004
Status: See Case Activities
Case Planner: Kathleen Kennedy

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Case Activities

Type Date Completed Reverse Sort Case Activities by Completed Date
PC-DART Received  
PC-DART Received  
PC-DART Incomplete  
CC-ABR Appeal Filed  
Application Received 6/30/2004
PRT Received 7/6/2004
PRT Site Visit 7/19/2004
ENV-MEA Prepared-action req 7/19/2004
PRT Working Meeting 7/21/2004
PRT Applicant Meeting 8/3/2004
PRT Received 1/21/2005
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 3/17/2005
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 4/7/2005
PC-Initiated Zone Change 4/7/2005
PC-Initiated LCP Amendment 4/7/2005
ABR-Resubmittal Received 10/28/2005
ABR-FYI/Research 11/4/2005
ABR-Concept Review (New) 11/14/2005
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 1/12/2006
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 1/12/2006
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 2/16/2006
BLD DART #1 Draft Comments 5/2/2007
PBW Eng DART #1 Comments 5/7/2007
BLD DART #2 Draft Comments 7/2/2007
PC-Application Deemed Complete 7/20/2007
ENV-ND Public Review Period 12/13/2007
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 1/17/2008
PC-APVD-Design Review Required 3/20/2008
PC-Recommend Approval to CC 5/7/2008
CC-PC Appeal Filed 7/1/2008
CC-PC Appeal (Proj APVD) 7/15/2008
ABR-FYI/Research 7/29/2008
CC-Initiated ZO Amendment 8/19/2008
CC-Zone Change (APVD) 8/26/2008
ABR-Resubmittal Received 9/26/2008
ABR-FYI/Research 10/8/2008
ABR-FYI/Research 10/14/2008
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 10/20/2008
ABR-Notice Prepared-PC/SHO Req 10/20/2008
ABR-Resubmittal Received 12/10/2008
ABR-Preliminary Review Hearing 12/15/2008
ABR-Resubmittal Received 2/5/2009
ABR-Preliminary Review Hearing 2/9/2009
ABR-Mailed Notice Prepared 2/9/2009
ABR-Preliminary Review Hearing 2/23/2009
ABR-Prelim Approval - Project 2/23/2009
CC-ABR Appeal (Project APVD) 6/2/2009
ABR-Resubmittal Received 10/19/2009
ABR-In-Progress Review Hearing 11/2/2009
ABR-Time Ext. (Staff Apvl) 5/25/2010
PC-Case Planner Status 6/29/2010
PC-Time Extension APVD 4/23/2013
PC-FYI/Research 4/15/2014
ABR-Resubmittal Received 8/4/2014
ABR-Posting Sign Issued 8/4/2014
ABR-In-Progress Review Hearing 8/18/2014
ABR-Mailed Notice Prepared 8/18/2014
Oops! Still "PA" Status 8/27/2014
PC-FYI/Research 9/4/2014
PC-Substantial Conformance Hrg 10/2/2014
PC-Time Extension APVD 4/23/2015
ABR-Resubmittal Received 6/1/2015
ABR-Final Review Hearing 6/8/2015
ABR-Final Approval - Project 6/8/2015
PC-Correspondence/Contact 1/12/2017
ABR-Resubmittal Received 2/23/2017
ABR-After Final Hearing 3/27/2017
ABR-Resubmittal Received 5/25/2017
ABR-After Final Hearing 6/5/2017
ABR-After Final Hearing 6/19/2017
ABR-After Final Hearing 8/14/2017
CC-ABR Appeal Filed 10/3/2017
CC-ABR Appeal (Project APVD) 10/3/2017
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 12/7/2017
PC-Public Hearing (New) 12/7/2017
PC-APVD-Design Review Required 1/11/2018
ABR-Resubmittal Received 6/18/2018
ABR-Consent (After Final) 6/25/2018
ABR-Consent (After Final) 7/2/2018
ABR-After Final (Approved) 7/2/2018
ABR-Consent (After Final) 12/3/2018
ABR-After Final (Approved) 12/3/2018
MISC-Case Planner Status 1/7/2019

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